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My year so far!

Well what a funny year this has been at sunny old Wormsley.

JANUARY. Wet, cold

FEBRUARY. Very wet, very cold.

MARCH. Very very wet, very cold

APRIL. Wet, more wet then hot,very bloody hot.

So by the end of March most cricket groundsmen were 4 weeks behind schedule with any work.

By mid April we were now 6 weeks behind schedule.

Then the first bit of hot weather hit and boy did that grass start growing.

Even at Wormsley where the soil is incredibly rubbish I saw grass growing like id never seen it here in 26 years.

As soon as we cut it, we looked over our shoulder and it needed cutting again!

It was crazy. The soil was so wet from the rain and snow of early 2018 ( we had snow 5 times this winter) and then some ridiculously warm weather at the end of April and early May just made it grow like billyoh!

We had a couple of Sir Paul Getty XI games in May including our first ever Womens Sir Pauls game against an International Womens XI for the FAIRBREAK CHARITY.

We were very honoured to be captained by Charlotte Edwards who led us to a great victory.

All the players and umpires Ian Gould and Jeremy Lloyd finished by having a lovely evening at The Bull and Butcher pub in Turville,at the end of the estate, where the Vicar of Dibley is filmed. Hence we have the Deer Park End and the Dibley End at Wormsley to bowl from.

Wormsley now hosts Garsington Opera from the end of May until the last week in July, so we don't have much cricket during this time.

But the grass was still growing and growing and growing but by now it had stopped raining (as it tends too once bloody opera turns up !).

So having very little cricket allows us to renovate the earlier used pitches so by the time opera skidaddle and cricket restarts at the end of July we have a lush green square to get us through til the end of the season.

In games, the middle of our season is the 19th of August!

So opera starts rain stops and doesn't come back, seemingly for ever ! Since the 29th of May we have had 1.6mm of rain in 8 weeks. Amazing, never seen Wormsley and the outfield looking so yellow. We went 33 days without having a single drop, that's the first time in 26 years we have gone a calendar month with no rain.

Luckily we are on a bore hole at the cricket so we can water the square and the nets which is lucky considering the cricket about to start.

So from next Sunday we have a Sir Paul Getty v I Zingari game followed on the Tuesday by a Sir Paul XI v Canterbury from Australia who are on tour.

The day after we have Afghanistan here using Wormsley as a training base for 2 weeks before they go to play a series against Ireland. So that will be a good 2 weeks.

We finish their stay on the 15th August with a 20/20 game between Sir Pauls XI and the Afghans. 4pm start if anyone wants to come. A charity day for The Afghan Connection and also for A Chance To Shine.

After that we have another Sir Paul game v The Sussex Martlets, who hopefully will invite us to Arundel for a game next year.

Then we have a great week of cricket starting on the bank holiday sunday with the Minor Counties 20/20 finals day. The first time they have organised this competition and the finals day will be between, Berkshire, Devon, Cheshire and Norfolk. First game 10am.

On the Tuesday we have the Minor Counties v The MCC and on the Wednesday we see Devon and Cheshire again for the 50 over final.

So a good week, weather permitting!

We have various gamed up until the end of September including more Sir Paul games, Oxfordshire 20/20 finals day, The Injured Jockeys charity day plus a few more charity, corporate and village days.

Hopefully the weather will stay good for us, with maybe just a little rain to freshen the grass up (maybe stop it from dying !!)

Check out the Wormsley Website if you fancy coming along, it would be good to share a beer with some Addis Army members.



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