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DRS Again!

So India finally joined the DRS party. It only took them the best part of a decade. And so far in the series against England, one of the only amusing things for a supporter of the Chef and his men has been watching – or rather, listening to, since I can only catch 50 minutes in the car on my way to work – India make a huge hash cake of some of their reviews.

They don’t understand the umpire’s call part; they don’t get the idea of evidence to overturn; they don’t have any left…oh no, wait, that was England. But anyway, it’s provided a modicum of relief in the midst of the general spanking that we are hopefully going to turn around in the final two tests of the series, leading to another inspirational comeback on the subcontinent.

I’m being driven potty, though, by calls to amend the DRS system EVEN FURTHER to ameliorate India’s woes. Whether it’s Botham on TV or Vaughan on radio, there are still so many chirrups about adjusting the rules to take DRS further and further away from its intended purpose.

I don’t believe the number of reviews should be reset at 80 overs: manage your reviews better. I don’t believe the margin of uncertainty for LBWs should have been changed: umpire’s call is umpire’s call. I certainly don’t want to see reviews being ‘kept’ if a decision remains umpire’s call, rather than the current situation where the review is lost. I will say this again and again and again and I’m sure I already have; it’s become such a cliché, but DRS was introduced to eradicate howling errors by umpires and by its very nature, if it’s umpire’s call it’s a CLOSE CALL NOT A HOWLER!

Perhaps if I yell it loudly enough the administrators will hear me. But what chance have I against the BCCI?

Just because India aren’t very good at using it yet, because they’re 8 years behind the rest of the world’s test playing nations, does not mean there is any need to tinker any further.

Please, spectators, commentators, players, administrators: leave it alone. Let it rest. Just get on and play.


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